The Bible has given us specific rules to follow to get out of debt and walk in financial freedom….

"What Does This Debt-Free Missionary to Mexico Know About Financial Freedom That You Don't?"

God Even Helped Him Pay Off His Mortgage In Just 3 Years!

 I’ve been in missionary work in old Mexico since 1987. As you know, the majority of missionaries struggle with finances for God’s work and to make ends meet.

 Unlike the average missionary, I don’t depend just on donations to fund my missionary work anymore.

I received more income in just the first week of January 2008 than I had previously made in an entire month’s time. Yes, that’s four times my previous income! How did I do it? That is what I’d like to share with you.

I was fed up. Pastors and other missionaries kept telling me the work required me to live in poverty. But I just couldn’t believe this was God’s will for me!

I dug in with intense study and discovered several Biblical and life changing principles.we are out of debt

 If you’re currently living from paycheck to paycheck you have to hear this…

After over 20 years of ministry in Mexico I had the privilege of raising up 3 churches in addition to seeing many lives changed. Last Year I implemented the principles you are about to discover and we now have a ministry that reaches out to over 50 churches in Chiapas, Mexico. Over half of these churches are Indian churches. I can’t even speak their language, but God has elevated me to a place of leadership over them.

Introducing A 3 Step Practical Guide To Financial Freedom and The One Way To Biblical Success

His Way To Success

This entire experience was shocking to me…and I had to share it with you.   After all, this is one of the principles to Success His Way.

This very practical Guide to Financial Freedom has worked for me.  But not only did it work for me, but it will work for you because It’s Success God’s Way.

The Biblical Success System consists of 3 parts …



Success Guide #1
Discover a Bible Based Plan for Success Using “The Biblical Guide To Financial Freedom”

The Biblical Guide To Financial Freedom

This is a Practical Guide to Eliminate Debt and Experience Financial Freedom.You’ll Receive Practical Answers and Methods To Help You Achieve Your Financial Dreams.

Got Questions?  Need Answers?

The Biblical Guide to Financial Freedom will answer your questions and show you how To Get Out of Debt… Follow this plan you’ll and experience a lifestyle change:

  • Does God want us to be financially successful? Does He even care? What does the Bible really say about this?
  • What are the 3 elements required for success? You most likely don’t even know the 2 that serve as the foundation for any successful person. This could be the root cause for you lack of financial success!
  • What is the reason why God will bless us financially? The answer found on page 30 will surely surprise you!
  • On page 39 you’ll discover if it is OK for Christians to be financially successful? I hope this will banish thoughts of want forever.
  • What can the examples of Faith from the Bible teach you? (Imagine earning money from anywhere in the world working ONLY the hours you choose without ever answering to a boss again).
  • Is our financial destiny really under our control? It is,  but the reason why it is may not be what you think..
  • What are the only 2 factors needed for answered prayer? Use these and having your prayers answered will be the norm not the exception.
  • Are worries taking over your life? Read these Biblical prescriptions found on page 126- they’re guaranteed to take over your life forever!
  • What Does the Bible have  to say about your debt? Find guidance for getting  and of debt and staying out of debt.
  • Do financial obligations have you in a bind? you must consider this one Biblical principle before making any major financial commitments.

Success Guide #2

Discover Practical “Biblical Road Maps to Success” using Hidden Mental Tools That You’ll Already Posses

The Biblical Road Map To Success


Discover exactly how these mental blocks are keeping you from getting out of debt . Now you can obtain the  Financial Freedom that you so desperately need.

Proverbs 23:7 states that as “a man thinkieth in his heart so is he.

In this guide you’ll learn to change your thought patterns from failure and poverty to financial freedom and success:

  • Do you frequently worry? There’s a  little known technique found in page 111 will help get the answers you need for to combat worry and obtain financial success.
  • The 5 financial rules we must use to prime the wealth pump. Once you know this secret, you will be amazed how money will start to flow in your life automatically.
  • Demonstrate this Biblical habit found on page 54 to show God you are ready for more financial blessings. 99% of Christians are not aware of this.
  • Think before you spend or even before you give and you could be debt free in an even shorter time than you ever though possible.
  • The right way to bring wealth into your life in 7 specific steps.
  • Knowing what this one factor found on page 81 will help you set your foundation for success. Without this, excuses and quitting could be in your future..
  • One subtle difference in your Faith that will determine whether it takes 3 weeks to reach or goal or 7 years.
  • How to changing your thought patterns will actually help you to change your spending habits and help you to get out of debt
  • How you need to think to bring the success you desire.  No, this is not repeating something hundreds of times and wishing it will happen.
  • Stop using this word in your prayers NOW or you’ll never make any progress!
  • This one powerful technique t found on page 130 will rid you of worry.
  • 4 specific techniques to increase the effectiveness of your prayers. Are you using any of these?.

Success Guide #3
A Success Template called “The Biblical Guide To Internet Riches” Which will Guide You In Achieving The Lifestyle Change that you Been Searching For

The Biblical Guide To Internet Riches

This step by step process found in “The Biblical Guide To Internet Riches” will help you discover the best way for you to make money on the Net.

Using this process will save you untold time, money and frustration – more than paying for this book many times over!

Utilizing the 6 easy steps in The Success Template you’ll discover How to:

  1. Identify Your Heart’s Desire
  2. Identify Your Financial Success DNA
  3. Set Your Goals
  4. Develop Your Game Plan
  5. Take Action

You’ll gain entrepreneurial skills and achieve financial results by following the principles found in “The Biblical Guide To Internet Riches”:

  • Do this one key method every day in you business and success will not be a stranger. Hint: it has nothing to do with chanting, endlessly repeating some words etc.
  • Take time to correctly do this one thing on the internet and nothing will stand in your way.
  • Know these questions to ask before starting any program and you”re new business will grow substantially.
  • Learn the correct way to develop your game plan. This step will speed you along your way to making money and avoid costly distractions in a very short time
  • Should you set deadlines to complete tasks? Another surprising answer to aid you in finishing  projects that you have been procrastinating  is waiting for you!

The Complete Biblical Success System includes:

  • “The Biblical Guide To Financial Freedom”
  • “The Biblical Roadmap “To Success”
  • and “The Biblical Guide To Internet Riches”

I didn’t stop there. I want you to get out of debt. So I’ve added the following debt crushing tool to this website…..


NEW! “A Proven Step-By-Step Plan to Eliminate Christian Debt”

I’m not a prosperity preacher. Neither is my Friend Terry Dean.  I’m a missionary and Terry Dean is an Internet business owner who has written two books on finances.

He was key in helping me personally become debt free.

That’s why I decided to interview him on the topic of How to Get Out of Debt and Stay Out of debt.

What makes his debt free system unique from everything else out there?

First of all, it’s simple…not complicated like those weekend long financial seminars.  You can invest many good weekends and tens of thousands of dollars at financial seminars. I know. I’ve attended few of them.

But do you really have the time (or the money) to attend a financial seminar?

The wisdom and sound advice that Terry Dean shared with me on the phone explained exactly what to do, and took up less than an hour of my time while saving me a fortune in travel expenses.

He gets straight to the issue of debt free living without all the extra junk everyone else tries to add in to mark up the prices.

He’s a real Christian businessman who lives in the real world just like you.

These simple nuggets of wisdom will help you to get out of debt and begin your lifestyle of financial freedom.

If you ever watched or listened to a public interview, you know all the questions are scripted before the event so the “expert” knows exactly what he’s going to say.  That didn’t happen here.  I had a few questions prepared, but he loves this subject so much he just took off and outlined the entire plan that got him out of debt…helped me get out of debt…and will help you get out of debt.

We answered the questions everyone is asking about finances:

  • How Do I Get out of Debt
  • Can you give me a step by step guide for getting out of debt
  • How do I pay off my credit cards?
  • I want to be financially free, can you just give me some advice that works in the real world?

Terry Dean Stepped up to the plate and we covered …

Every Strategy You Need for Eliminating Debts… Forever!

MP3_audio_ Interview

Listen to this 54 minute interview once…and you’ll KNOW more than 99% of what financial experts and prosperity messages try to convey.

Here is a brief overview this  Step by Step Solution for Getting Out of Debt:

  • CPA’s and accountants almost never address this first step to financial freedom but it’s vital to your debt free plan (you’ll find out when you listen why they’re not telling you this).
  • What is the real reason you should get out of debt…this may SURPRISE you as I guarantee your credit card company will NEVER tell you this!
  • If you’re praying for money you’re making a mistake. Discover what God has promised to supply you in unlimited portion (and it’s not money).
  • Should you pay off High Interest Credit Cards first? Not always.  Find out why this strategy is MORE EFFECTIVE for the average person.
  • Why you should “Treat Yourself” by going out and purchasing something you want when you reach milestones in your debt free plan.
  • How to have the fiancés you always wanted for the ministry God has for you

You may be thinking at this moment this is a LOAD of information.  You’re right.  It is.

“We cover every element of Debt Free Living.  Find out more about this debt slashing tool at Get Out Of Debt For Christians. (Opens in new window). BUT don’t buy it there.  As a special offer, you get this entire $39 Debt Free Living class completely FREE when you purchase The Biblical Success System.”

Your Professional Transcript

I knew there was a lot to it, so I  had a 54 page professional transcript made of the audio recording and then went through it and organized it into Chapters. There Are 18 Chapters in all. But I didn’t stop with just an organized transcript. I’ve broken it all down into easy bite sized chunks and formed one extra tool for you to use….

Cliff Notes

I went back through the transcript, made 14 pages of special notes of the most important “nuggets” and included them in the material you’re about to receive. The combined transcript and the cliff notes are 68 pages long .

You’ll want to refer back to these Cliff Notes  even when you don’t have time to listen to the Audio Interview or read the entire transcript.

Claim Your “Step-By-Step Plan to Eliminate Christian Debt “ MP3 Audio Interview and PDF Transcript complete with Cliff Notes Now:


Now It’s Time for… Your Financial Breakthrough

There is so much more waiting for you to discover in this Biblical Success System. But you must act and take the step to buy it now! And you must be ready to commit to follow God’s rules to financial success.

When you make this commitment a whole new world of success and peace of mind will open up to you as you know with complete confidence you are following God’s will.

Don’t you owe it to yourself…your family…and your church to take this opportunity to step out in faith? It is not a coincidence you’re here today. You came to this site for a reason.
When you buy The Biblical Guide to Internet Riches and put into practice what you learn, you will develop a different attitude about creating financial security, one that is based on guidance from the best selling book of all time – the Bible.

No other Success Book or Success System teaches a path to financial security using the Bible like The Biblical Success System and The Step By Step Plan To Eliminate Christian Debt.  If you have not experienced the success you desire or are just beginning your adventure to making money on line, decide to take a different path to success laid out in this course.

The money you will save when you apply the lessons in this course will pay for this book many times over.
If this entire course was provided to you in the mail, it would cost you a minimum of $100. But since my goal is to share this with many people and get it in your hands today…the investment is only $39 for a limited time…


And you can have it in your hands in minutes.

This modest price is a small investment to make to learn a system that is based on God’s word and guidance in the Bible.

“My Greatest Power”

Your Greatest Power

I understand that this is an important decision and for that reason I would also like to provide you with another success guide at no additional cost.  This practical tool is very dear to my heart and comes in the form of a 54 page ebook entitled “My Greatest Power”.

What is the most important power that you possess?

Is it:

  • Health?
  • Physical Strength?
  • The power of God in your life or some sort of spirituality?
  • Your Family, friends, or relationships?
  • The power to gain wealth, riches & material possessions?
  • The power to rule, to be famous, or even to be the President?
  • The power to posses wisdom?
  • Power to become Successful?

These are all great powers, but they all require this one ingredient that you’ll discover in the report “Your Greatest Power”. Use this power correctly as a prerequisite to possess love, health, spirituality, successful relationships, eternal life, riches, power, wisdom and overall life success.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised as I reveal this one ingredient to success that can change your life if applied correctly.

This one report alone is worth the cost of the Entire Biblical Success System and it’s yours at no additional cost when you purchase the materials I have described as Success His Way today

Isn’t it time to take practical steps to applying  time proven principles to financial  Success in your life?

When you purchase today you’ll receive:.

Success Guide #1- A Bible Based Plan for Success Using “The Biblical Guide To Financial Freedom”. Discover how to Get out of debt and live a better lifestyle.

Success Guide #2-  “The Biblical Roadmap to Success”- The Mental Tools That You’ll Need for Financial Freedom or For Success In Any Are of Your Life. Change your mindset and change your fiancial crisis.

Success Guide # 3- Jumpstart your new financial success as you apply the Internet Business Success Template found in “The Biblical Guide to Internet Riches” to your Life. Identify your niche in Life, set goals, get a game plan and make some extra money to allow you to finally have more time for the ministry that God has for your life.

The Step By Step Plan To Eliminate Christian Debt- The Audio Interview with Terry Dean complete with 68 page Organized Transcript and Cliff Notes

The Bonus E-book “Your Greatest Power” You’ll not only find out what your greatest power in life is, you’ll discover how to put your power into action.

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A very sincere, but distraught member of my church came up to me and exclaimed, “I cant make ends meet, I cant pay my bills,  I need a better job, would you pray for me?  When I asked him if he was giving money back to God or to others, he replied, How can I, I can’t afford to. My reply was, You cant afford not to.

Perhaps you’re in similar circumstances, Another payment of $39 is  the last thing you want.  Yes I’ll pray for you but because I want to see you prosper I’ll also tell you that this is a good investment and if you are ready for a change it is most likely not an accident that you are reading this message. You need “Success His Way”

You’ll Start Earning a Return on Your Investment Immediately…

I know this is a pretty bold claim, but it’s absolutely true.

Financial problems are the #1 reason people give for failure in most relationship.

I believe in the power that this course has to change your life financially I want to back up ” Success His Way” with more than just words because I do business according to God’s laws of Success and integrity…

So you’re not going to take any of the risk. I am.

If you are not completely satisfied with Success His Way I’ll give you a….

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try It Risk Free for 60 Days

You have a full 100% money-back guarantee,  for the next 60 days with no questions asked.
Read All The materials and books. Go through it all. Put the material to use in your life.

If it isn’t the financial breakthrough you’re looking for in your life, simply request a refund. No hassles. No problems. And you get to keep all the materials for your trouble!

That’s right. Since these files are digitally delivered to your computer. Even if you request a refund, you get to keep them. I’m taking all the risk on this deal. I trust you as a fellow believer that you won’t rip me off by asking for refund when you see how life changing they really are.

-Try to find that same deal on books purchased at your nearby Christian bookstore.

Limited  Special!

This is the only  time I’ll offer all these products at such a great price.

Terry Dean told me to sell the audio interview separately.  I took his advice. I sell it separately at  Get Out Of Debt For Christians. It’s listed at the price of $39.  Don’t purchase it at my new site because you get a better deal here … for now.

The combined value of all this material is $68.  These are discounted prices.  The Biblical Success System alone is easily worth $100. I want you to benefit form these materials so I’m offering them at this low price for a few more days.

Plus..I don’t know how long I will continue to offer “My Greatest Power” with the Biblical Success System because of the potential impact of just this one report alone.

You Get The::

  • Complete Biblical Success System including “The Biblical Guide To Financial Freedom”,”The Biblical Roadmap “To Success”, and the “The Biblical Guide To Internet Riches”
  • The Step By Step Guide To Eliminate Christian Debt”
  • and “My Greatest Power”

All for only $39 for this limited time.

How To Get Your Biblical Success System and The Step By Step Plan To Eliminate Christian Debt

When you click on the order icon below, it will take you to a secure site  via clickbank to complete your order.

Yes, I want “Success His Way”

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Upon Completion you will immediately be delivered a digital copy of all the Materials in Pdf  and Mp3 format. Free Software is also provided if you don’t know how to open programs using Adobe reader. In addition you will be sent an email confirming your completion with all the details plus an additional link to download your product

You may contact me at any time if you experience any problems whatsoever at

My sincere hope is that you will remember this day as the day you started to receive financial blessings because you committed to God’s way to financial freedom.

The Road To Financial Freedom Starts Here:

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God Bless,

Greg Nemer

P.S. What are you waiting for? All you have to do is take a simple step of faith by clicking the order link above. If it’s not everything I promised and more…if it’s not what you’ve been searching for all this time…then simply contact us and ask for a refund. No harm. No foul. And we’ll still keep each other in our prayers.